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| About Complete Strength Physiotherapy

Complete Strength Physiotherapy

Our goal is to empower the development of resilience that will last a lifetime.

Applying practical evidence-based approaches to goal setting, assessment, and treatment.


Working with you to reach your potential.

Preserving Health. Restoring Movement. Improving Strength.


Anthony Viglione

B.ExSci, M.PhysioPrac

"Growing up I was no stranger to injuries. 


At nine years old, after a dirt bike accident, I was taken to the Adelaide Children’s Hospital. After two surgeries and multiple broken bones I spent several months in recovery.


As I got older, I continued to play sports, training and consequently getting injured. I found myself wanting to learn more about human movement, injury pre/rehab and strength training. This led me to further my understanding through my own training and tertiary education. 

Fast forward to today...


I have interests in strength, physique and athletic development, having competed in bodybuilding and now working towards my first powerlifting competition. 


I have graduated with a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Master of Physiotherapy Practice from La Trobe University. I have had opportunities to work alongside and learn from some incredible coaches, physiotherapists, and other industry leaders.


Although my formal studies have finished, there is always room to grow and more to learn. 


As a coach and physiotherapist I have worked with a range of people, each with unique goals. This allowed me to further my experience, refine my skills and enhance my understanding of the concepts and principles taught through my studies.

I am so grateful for and humbled by the opportunities that I have had and I have decided to take the leap to start my own business.


Through Complete Strength Physiotherapy I hope to share my passion, empower and educate people, help them take control of their health, move better, become stronger and achieve their own rehab and performance goals."

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